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MacBook Data Recovery

  • How long will a deleted or missing file stay on my drive?
    Most deleted file will reside on the drive up until such time as the space it occupies is used to store new data. Once a deleted file has been overwritten by new data it has been destroyed. If you have suffered data loss, minimize the use of the computer until such time as you have finished your data recovery efforts.
  • How long does Mac data recovery take?
    Every Mac Data Recovery situation is unique so its impossible to give an accurate assessment with out a diagnostic.  The average time required to complete Mac data recovery is 3-7 Days.
  • Why do other Mac data recovery companies charge $1000.00 or more for Mac data recovery?
    Most Mac data recovery companies claim that a Clean Room is required for all Mac data recovery to justify their outrageous pricing.  This is not always the case, in fact most drives with bad sectors or corrupt partitions have no need for a Clean Room. If your hard drive is clicking or has a significant hardware issue we will make a referral to a reputable company for hard drives with physical damage.
  • What does Trio’s Mac Data Recovery service include?
    Our  Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians will use all of the latest software tools to extract your lost data from the failing hard drive.  The recovered data is placed on a high quality external hard drive and this hard drive will be used to restore your files to your Mac. Once the restoration is complete the external drive is set  as your Time Machine back up to ensure your not in this position again.

MacBook Water Damage

  • How long does MacBook water damage repair take?
    Each repair is unique, the vast majority of are completed in 7-10 days, there are repairs that require additional repair time.  The estimated repair time for your MacBook will be included with your estimate so you can make arrangements for work or school. We share the common goal of getting your Mac up and running as though the spill never occurred. With an average savings of 40% verses the Apple store we are confident that you will see the value in our transparent pricing and superior warranty and choose Trio to repair your water damaged MacBook.
  • Does liquid damage void my Apple Warranty?
    MacBook water damage is not covered under any manufacturer’s warranty or extended care plan.
  • What happens to my data?
    In our experience data is rarely affected.  We make every effort to ensure that your data is intact and we never arbitrarily wipe hard drives like the Apple store has been known to do. We also offer complimentary basic data recovery services with all liquid damage repairs.
  • What kind of warranty does Trio offer on MacBook water damage repair?
    Our industry leading 1 Year Warranty covers any hardware related issue that we repaired for a full year after your repair with the exception of accidental damage (new spills and or drops are not covered). Apple warranties their repair services for 45 days.
  • What if I can’t pay for the full price of the repair all at once?
    Trio offers interest free payment plans to fit almost any budget. We get it, nobody expects this MacBook water damage repair expense to pop up.  We do what we can to get you back up and running with a payment plan that works for you.
  • Can I fix MacBook ater damage myself?
    Of course we have no way of knowing what any one persons technical abilities are we can say that unless you have a working knowledge of PCB (printed circuit board ) engineering we would recommend leaving this one for a trained technician.The best advice we can give is to have a service professional take a look at your MacBook to see whats going on inside.
  • Should I wait to get my MacBook water damage repaired?
    While waiting to repair your MacBook after water damage isn’t the kiss of death, It is always recommended to get it repaired quickly. Trio has routinely revived MacBooks that have been gathering dust for up to a year.

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