MacBook Repair

how it works

MacBook Repair

Simply choose a MacBook repair that meets your needs and proceed through the checkout process, remember you pay nothing today to get your repair started.  

Once we receive your order we will contact you by phone or email to confirm your order and answer any questions you may have.  We will then provide a pre paid shipping label and shipping instructions.  Let us know if you need help locating a FedEx office location!   Just a few simple steps and we will have you up in running in no time.  Please keep in mind if you have placed an order for a Liquid Damage Repair it is important to ship your liquid damaged unit as soon as possible, the sooner we can mitigate the liquid spill the greater the chance we can save you money and protect your data

As a reminder we have attached a link our current pricing chart for all MacBook models we service, should you have any questions about pricing or repair times feel free to give us a call.  Just a few simple steps and we will have you up and running as soon as possible

1.  Print your prepaid label. ( If you do not have access to a printer we can provide a mobile shipping label let us know by responding to this email with your request)  Mobile shipping labels are in the form of a barcode that can be presented at any FedEx location nation wide and FedEx will print your label for you)
2.  Visit a FedEx Office location and purchase a “FedEx Laptop Box” or any other carrier approved laptop box. The cost ranges from $10-$15 and will ensure your Mac arrives safely.
3.  You may click HERE to locate a FedEx location near you to start your Mac’s trip to our repair facility.

MacBook Repair Affordable

MacBook Repair in 7-10 Days

Our flat rate pricing model is amazingly simple, absolutely no surprises or hidden charges only real savings.  All of our pricing for your specific MacBook is clearly displayed below and you will be invoiced once the repair is complete. Once your damaged MacBook arrives at our repair facility, we will outline what is needed to restore your MacBook to pre incident condition. It is impossible for anyone to provide a accurate repair time estimate without a physical inspection. Our promise to you is that your MacBooks repair cost will never exceed our price cap so you can rest assured you will not get a surprise when your bill arrives when your repair is competed. Your MacBook is ALWAYS repaired using genuine Apple Parts.  In the event your MacBook is NOT repairable we will return the unit to you at no charge.  All MacBook repairs comes with our standard 1 year warranty. (Payment Plans Options Now Available)  At Trio we understand it can be stressful to ship your MacBook out after a data loss or liquid spill, thats why we are always available by phone at  512.956.TRIO (8746) or submit your technical question directly to our team using the contact us tab below and we will respond the same business day. 

MacBook Repair Completed

As soon as we complete your MacBook fix, we run comprehensive tests to make sure it runs like it did from the factory. If that wasn’t enough, our team guarantees work on your MacBook Pro for 1 year. You get your MacBook back while saving time and money. Service simplified is what we are all about!

MacBook Repair Good to go

MacBook water damage repair ready to get started